Why You Should Hire A Bed Bug Exterminator

A lot of the pest control problems in Mississauga that you may be faced with can be solved with properly administered do it yourself methods. Most pests that will likely infest your home in Mississauga are usually quite easy to eradicate, assuming of course that the infestation is not yet at an uncontrollable state, in which case a professional exterminator should be called.

One of the only pests that this logic does not hold true for, regardless of the infestation level, is bed bugs. The biggest problem with trying a do-it-yourself approach to exterminating bed bugs from your home is that if you do not completely kill off all the bed bugs and their eggs, chances are they will hide deeper into your home allowing them to multiply quickly, thus making the bed bug infestation much more difficult to deal with.

bedbug infestation

If you are not an expert on bed bug habits and extermination efforts, it is highly recommended that you leave any bed bug extermination efforts to a Mississauga bed bug exterminator. A professional bed bug exterminator has the necessary knowledge and tools required to seek out all bed bugs in your home and get rid of them for good.

Bed Bug Exterminators Know How To Find Them

One thing that bed bugs are very well known for is their uncanny ability to hide from plain sight during the day, only coming out at night while you are fast asleep to feed on human blood. Even if you do find some bed bugs in your room during the day, chances are that this is not the only spot they are hiding.

Trying to kill bed bugs on your own will only drive them further into hiding, and considering that females can lay up to 6 eggs per day, this gives them time to reproduce making the problem much worse and thus more expensive to exterminate. Bed bug exterminators are experts at identifying where bed bugs like to hide and, through the use of specialised tools such as bed bug sniffing canines, a bed bug exterminator will be able to pinpoint the main areas that need to be treated.

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Prior to bed bug treatment taking place in your home, a bed bug exterminator will carefully inspect your home to find all bed bug hiding spots and ask for your help in eliminating any easy areas for them to hide in. Some of the most common bed bug hiding places are:

  • Between the seams of your mattress or under the hard plastic covering on the corners of your baseboard
  • Behind baseboards, electrical outlets and other tiny cracks in your wall near your bed
  • Inside electrical appliances such as alarm clocks and lamps near your bed
  • Hiding in cupboards, closets or any cluttered clothing and linens near your bed. Be prepared for your Mississauga bed bug exterminator to ask that you remove all clutter in your home and wash all your clothing and linens on a high heat cycle

Bed Bug Exterminators Know How To Kill Them

Not only are bed bugs great at hiding from you during the day, they are also very resilient pests making them very difficult to kill. Over the years, so many different chemical pesticides have been used to kill bed bugs that they have developed resistance to many of these forms of treatment. Only a qualified bed bug exterminator who is regularly administering bed bug treatments in your area knows exactly what is needed to kill them off. They typically have several options with varying price ranges, safety and success levels, the most popular methods including:

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  • Insecticide Use – This is the cheapest option available but still effective if done by a professional bed bug exterminator who knows which pesticide will be effective. Treating your house with pesticides can be dangerous to your family and pets so should only be undertaken by a professional.
  • Steam Treatment – A slightly more expensive method, steam treatment requires the use of a steam gun to spray high-temperature water vapor directly into bed bug infested areas. Using a professional bed bug exterminator will ensure that they effectively treat all infested areas of your home, leaving no bed bug or egg behind.
  • Heat Treatment – The most expensive, but most effective, treatment option is heat treatment. This requires the use of sophisticated tools that increase the internal temperature of your home to a level that bed bugs can not withstand and maintaining this temperature for a few hours, making sure that all bed bugs and eggs in your home are eradicated.