Preventative Pest Control Tips

No one likes the thought of having creepy pests infest their home but the reality is that pest control in Mississauga is becoming a recurring issue these days. If you are faced with an uncontrollable pest infestation your best bet would be to call a qualified and reputable pest control company in Mississauga such as Pestend Pest Control Mississauga to properly exterminate them from your home.

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Ideally you should minimize the chance of pests infesting your home as hiring a pest control company, although very effective, can be quite costly. One way to significantly reduce your chances of having pests infest your home is by practicing some simple preventative procedures around the home.

In this article you will find some tips on deterring pests from your home and making your home pest proof in order to prevent a dreadful pest infestation.

Preventative Procedures

The most important step in pest management is to make your home as unattractive as possible to pests. Knowing what attracts pests to your home and how they enter your home is a great starting point for preventing an infestation. Also understanding where the most common pests hide so that you can remove these harbourages will assist in your pest prevention efforts. The most common pests in Mississauga that will typically infest your home can be avoided by simply getting rid of any attractive scents, removing most potential entry points and eliminating common hiding spots.

Cleanliness is key

One of the most obvious ways to prevent pests from entering your home is to eliminate any food source or scents they may be attracted to. Here are some quick tips for keeping your house unattractive to most pests:

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  • Store any food leftovers in airtight containers. This will eliminate favourable odours that draws in some of the most common pests
  • Properly wash any leftover drinks in your cups at the end of the day, especially sweet drinks which will attract many types of pests
  • Clean countertops and sinks regularly using soap to remove any attractive scents. Make sure to clean inside and under appliance such as your toaster and stove when doing this
  • Rinse juice bottles and other jars that contained food before placing them in the recycling
  • Place your garbage in tightly sealed bins and place them outside of your home every night

Look for potential entry points

Another great way to reduce your risk of a pest infestation is to reduce their access to your home. By doing this they can’t even get into your house in the first place keeping your house pest free. Here are some tips on how to prevent pests from entering your home:

  • Confirm that all doors and windows have airtight seals and fix any that don’t
  • Look for small cracks around your home that may be easy entrance points for pests and seal them. Some common areas to look are the foundation of your home, near vents, around plumbing areas or even on interior walls
  • Keep trees, bushes and other landscaping out of contact with your home, especially near windows
  • Inspect dried food packages for holes before bringing them into your home. Some pests lay their eggs in these packages and once opened in your home spread quickly
  • Thoroughly check your luggage when returning home from a trip, especially for bed bugs which are notorious for hitching rides into new homes this way

Remove ideal pest hiding spots

Getting rid of food sources and entrance points will definitely deter most pests from entering your home, but you are still not 100% safe. To make sure that you catch any pests that do make their way into your home you should minimize the places around your home where they can hide from you so that you can find them quickly making it much easier to exterminate them. Here are some tips to reduce any attractive places that common pests in Mississauga like to call home:


  • Fix any leaky faucets and pipes around your home. Many pests are attracted to damp areas and standing water since they need this to survive
  • Get rid of any scrap wood in or around the home, especially if the wood is moist. You will significantly reduce your likelihood of having beetles, earwigs and termites infest your home by doing this
  • Remove clutter from your home. Most pests hide in dark areas so the more clutter you have around the home, the more areas they have to hide from you making it much easier for them to flourish and multiply quickly