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At Pestend Pest Control Mississauga we have experience in exterminating all types of pests that are commonly found invading Mississauga homes and businesses. Our services include:

This list represents some of the most common pests found in Mississauga, which we have extensive experience in controlling, but is by no means a complete list. If there is any other pest that you would like to have removed from your home or business, give us a call so one of our pest experts can evaluate your unique situation and come up with the best plan of action.

We have been providing pest control services in Mississauga since 2004. As a result of having been in the Mississauga pest control industry for over 12 years, we have had the opportunity to work with thousands of customers, each having their own unique situation to deal with. This has given us a depth of knowledge regarding local pests in Mississauga that just cannot be matched by most of our competitors.

Our fleet of pest control vehicles consists of marked and unmarked vehicles that can be requested at no extra charge so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed about having a pest invasion in your home. If you would like us to be discreet about the pest infestation in your home, please mention this when speaking to one of our representatives so that we only send unmarked vehicles to your home.

Do-it-yourself pest control is definitely an option, but if you lack the knowledge that our professional exterminators have, you can actually create more harm than good. Some of the things that can go wrong if you are trying a DIY pest control solution in your home are:

  • Incorrectly identifying the pest that has invaded your home, causing you to use a treatment that will not be effective
  • Choosing a course of action that does not exterminate all of the pests, causing the remaining pests to spread deeper into your home
  • Using methods that can be dangerous to inhabitants of your home such as children and pets

A professional exterminator from Pestend Pest Control Mississauga has the necessary skills and experience to ensure that none of these things happen. As a result, they will be able to quickly identify the pest in your home and come up with the most effective treatment method available, saving you time and money in the long run. We also have products, tools and machinery to effectively exterminate pests that regular Canadians do not.

To understand further why you should call us as soon as you uncover a pest infestation in your home, read this article

Pestend Pest Control Mississauga is a proud member of several professional pest management organizations, meaning that we have to abide by strict training guidelines to retain our membership. As a result, all of our exterminators are continuously trained in the most effective and up-to-date integrated pest management methods for pests found in Mississauga. We are also approved by The Ministry Of Health of Ontario, which ensures that we are up to date with all the safety regulations and that we use the safest and most humane pest extermination methods available. To give our customers complete assurance and peace of mind, we offer a no hassle 100% money back guarantee if all unwanted pests are not removed from your home as promised.

A lot of pest control companies in Mississauga use what is known as a “cookie cutter approach” to pest extermination. They develop a method for exterminating each type of pest and try to use the same method every time.

At Pestend Pest Control Mississauga we know that this approach does not always work. Every situation is unique so our exterminators are trained to use an integrated pest management approach which consists of them evaluating several factors that other pest control companies may overlook. By doing this we are able to come up with a customized solution that will result in a highly effective treatment plan for each individual customer.

At Pestend Pest Control Mississauga we always use the most eco-friendly options available, making our pest extermination treatments not only effective, but also less destructive to our great country. We only use chemical pesticides when it is absolutely necessary to do so and we always ensure that the health of you and your loved one is protected. Furthermore, all pesticides we use are approved by the Ministry of Health of Ontario, ensuring all residents of each household are safe before, during and after treatment.

Bed Bug Extermination Mississauga

There are several tell tale signs that you have bed bugs living in your home. The most obvious sign is of course seeing an actual bed bug in your home, but this is not always possible since they are so good at hiding. If you notice any of the following signs you may have a bed bug infestation in your home:

  • Small red bite marks on your skin – Bed bug bites are very similar in appearance to other bug bites but if you notice that the bite marks appear after a good night sleep, this can be an indicator that they are bed bug bites
  • Bed bug faecal matter on your bed sheets – Small reddish-brown smudges on your bed sheets.
  • Bed bug exoskeleton shedding’s from when they molt into different stages of life
  • A sweet musty odor

Bed bugs are notorious for their ability to hide in plain sight and it takes a true bed bug professional to find them. If you notice any of the signs above, call Pestend Pest Control Mississauga right away so one of our bed bug specialists can further inspect your home.

To learn more about bed bug warning signs and how to inspect your home for a bed bug infestation, check out this article.

Despite what many people may think, there is no scientific evidence of bed bugs being able to spread disease. Bed bug bites can, however, become itchy, which if scratched excessively can lead to a secondary skin infection.

Bed bug bites affect everyone differently. Some people may have no reaction at all to bed bug bites, others may have minor itchy sensations and in rare cases some people may experience an allergic reaction to the bites.

The biggest concern with bed bugs is the psychological implications they can have on their hosts. Often times people become stressed, developing anxiety and sleep deprivation from knowing that they will be bitten once they go to sleep. Our biggest recommendation for anyone who thinks they have a bed bug infestation in their home is to stay calm and call Pestend Pest Control Mississauga right away so one of our bed bug specialists can inspect your home and come up with a thorough treatment plan.

Bed bugs are tiny creatures with slim flat bodies allowing them to easily hide in tiny spaces. As a result, there are many ways that bed bugs can invade your home including:

  • Unknowingly being transported on your clothing or in the seams of your luggage when returning from a bed bug infested place
  • Crawling between walls from a nearby infested apartments
  • Hiding in second hand furniture that you bring into your home
  • Unknowingly being transported into your home by a visitor

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to exterminate. They are great at hiding, highly resilient creatures and multiply very quickly. Unless you are a bed bug expert, we do not recommend that you try exterminating them on your own. If you do try a DIY bed bug extermination product and miss only a few bed bugs or their eggs, they will spread to new hiding spots, giving them more time to multiply once again. This will cause a more severe infestation to occur which will be more difficult and costly to treat.

Bed bug infestations should only be treated by an experienced bed bug extermination professional that can accurately identify where they are hiding and come up with a treatment plan that is sure to get rid of all bed bugs and their eggs.

At Pestend Pest Control Mississauga we have several options for treating bed bugs depending on your budget constraint and severity of infestation. These treatment options, in order of cheapest to most expensive, are:

  • Pesticide treatment
  • Steam treatment
  • Heat treatment

All three of these methods are highly effective in exterminating bed bugs when applied by a Pestend professional and they are safe methods approved by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario. To give you peace of mind, we also offer a 100% money back guarantee on our bed bug extermination service if any bed bugs remain in your home after treatment.

Since bed bugs are so good at hitching rides and hiding, it is very difficult to prevent them from entering your home. The best thing you can do is refrain from acquiring second hand furniture and inspect your belongings before entering your home, especially if you were in a public place that has a lot of people passing through such as in a hotel, hostel, public transit terminal or a movie theatre.

If you have been to a place that you believe was infested by bed bugs, take your belongings to a dry cleaner so they can professionally treat them for bed bugs before you bring these items into your home.

No. Bed bugs do not discriminate based on social status or the cleanliness of your home. Their only requirement is to live in a place that is near a blood meal so that they have quick and easy access to food.

Keeping your home tidy and free of clutter will, however, make it harder for them to hide. As a result, you should be able to identify a bed bug infestation in its early stages.

In the City of Mississauga it is your landlords responsibility to ensure that bed bugs are dealt with in a timely manner. As a tenant, your only responsibilities are to inform your landlord of a bed bug infestation and to cooperate with any instructions given to you by the bed bug control company. Unfortunately, more often than not landlords choose the cheapest bed bug exterminator available which in many cases does not solve the problem. If you are a tenant, inform your landlord about Pestend Pest Control Mississauga and our 100% money-back guarantee and our lowest price guarantee for guaranteed bed bug extermination in Mississauga.

Rodent Control Mississauga

Seeing one mouse in your home usually means that there are others nearby. Having mice in your home is not something that should be taken lightly due to the risks that they pose to humans and their homes, such as:

  • Contaminating food and surfaces through their saliva, urine and fecal matter
  • Spreading harmful diseases and bacteria such as salmonella and hantavirus through biting, fleas, mites and their fecal matter
  • Damaging structural components of your home and your belongings from their need to constantly gnaw on hard objects

The two most important things that are necessary to prevent a mouse infestation in your home or business are:

  1. Cleanliness – by making sure to practice good sanitation, especially in eating areas, it is less likely that mice will be attracted to your home. Mice usually look for places where they can easily hide and where they have easy access to food. Cleaning up any clutter in your home, cleaning up after eating and storing food in glass or metal airtight containers should make your home less attractive to them.
  2. Block entry points – the best way to prevent mice from entering your home or business is to seal any potential entry point. Mice can squeeze through holes as small ¼ inch in diameter so this will require inspecting the outside of your home and blocking any holes larger than this. To block these holes, first stuff them with steel wool and finish by plugging them with a hard material. This way, even if mice break through the barrier they won’t be able to gnaw through the steel wool. You can purchase steel wool at your local home hardware store.
  • Torn up food packages and food debris in your kitchen cupboards
  • Droppings that look like black grains of rice, often found near food sources
  • Gnaw marks and holes near the bottom of walls or on furniture
  • Noise at night from their constant gnawing and walking inside structure.

Mice usually live in hidden areas of the home so they can stay out of sight during the day. These areas include in attics, behind walls, inside vents and inside storage boxes. Once they build their nests in these hidden areas it can be very difficult to get rid of them. For quick and effective results, we highly recommend contacting a mouse control professional from Pestend Pest Control Mississauga. With our 100% guaranteed mice removal services in Mississauga, we will not only get rid of your mice infestation, but we will also explain how to prevent a future reoccurrence, by identifying all the entry points.

If you do not have experience exterminating mice, chances are you will waste countless hours and money trying different DIY methods. Even if your efforts are effective in killing mice you may not get 100% elimination. Furthermore, you will most likely not know how to find all the mice entry points and before you know it, mice will return with a vengeance.

At Pestend Pest Control Mississauga, all of our exterminators are highly experienced in exterminating mice and other rodents from Mississauga homes and businesses. This extensive experience allows us to quickly identify the severity of an infestation and to come up with a customized treatment plan that will safely get rid of all mice from your home or business. If we do not solve your rodent problem we will refund your money.

Ant Control Mississauga

In Mississauga there are 4 species of ants that are known to infest residential and commercial properties:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Fire ants

The risks involved with having an ant infestation in your home depends on the ant species that has invaded.

Carpenter ants can cause structural damage by digging tunnels through wood to create their nests. If a carpenter ant infestation is not treated in a timely manner the structural damage can become significant.

Pharaoh ants and pavement ants are attracted to different types of food that can be found in most kitchens. As a result, they can contaminate food if they can find a way in.

Fire ants are very aggressive and will sting when they feel threatened. The sting of a fire ant can be quite painful and can even be life threatening in people who are severely allergic to the venom.

Each ant specie likes to eat different types of food, most of which can be found in Mississauga homes. Here is the preferred diet of each ant species found in Mississauga:

  • Carpenter ants prefer to eat meats, sweet foods and other insects
  • Pharaoh ants eat many different types of foods, preferring those high in fats, oils and sugar
  • Pavement ants are not very picky and are often found eating other insects, greasy foods, seeds, sweets and meat
  • Fire ants eat a wide variety of both vegetable and animal food sources including other insects, dead animals, sweet food, seeds and much more

Most ants invade homes in search for an easily accessible food source. Since they like a lot of the foods that humans eat, keeping your house clean of food debris, cleaning up immediately after eating and storing food in airtight containers are three things you can do to make your home less attractive to them.

Ants can enter your home through any small opening in your home. Sealing as many potential entry points as possible with caulking is a great way to block their entry into your home.

Each ant specie exhibit different behaviours, causing varying warning signs of an infestation.

Carpenter ants dig tunnels in wood to create their nests. This can make it very difficult to find the nest but if you notice small piles of wood shavings in your home or rustling sounds behind your walls you may have a carpenter ant infestation.

If there are Pharaoh ants in your home and you leave any food out, you will surely see them picking away at the food, with a clear trail of more ants from the food back to the nest. Their nests are usually hidden in wall voids where there will be many more ants hiding.

The most obvious sign of pavement ants in your home is to actually see them picking away at different types of food. Sometimes you may also find small piles of excavated materials, which is a result of building tunnels to the nest.

Since fire ants are aggressive and pack a painful sting, the most obvious sign of fire ants on your property is getting stung by them.

Anyone who has tried getting rid of ants on their own probably knows how difficult it can be. Even if you manage to kill a lot of them, the hard part is to find the nest and destroy it so that they are removed from your house for good. Our pest control professionals are trained to identify the different types of ant species, locate their nests and destroy them once-and-for-all. If we don’t deliver what we promise, you get your money back.

Cockroach Control Mississauga

Similar to other pests found in Mississauga, cockroaches are attracted to residential properties due to the easy access to food as well as the ideal shelter away from the elements. Cockroaches are usually found lurking around kitchens at night trying to find food left out on the counter, food debris that is stuck to dirty dishes and food crumbs that have not been cleaned up.

Cockroaches are also attracted to moisture so they can also be commonly found under a sink, near leaky pipes and underneath wet bathmats.

Although the types of cockroaches found in Mississauga are typically very small and do not bite humans, they still pose a threat through food and surface contamination. As they scavenge for food in your kitchen, cockroaches leave behind feces, urine and bacteria that stick to their body and get transferred to open food packages, countertops and even dishes. This contamination can cause various types of bacteria growth and illnesses such as:

  • Salmonella
  • Food poisoning
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Digestive problems
  • Typhoid fever

Cockroaches invade homes all year round and eat a wide variety of foods, making it very difficult to prevent them from entering your home. Similar to other pests, the best thing you can do is deter them from coming into your home by taking the following steps:

  • Keep your house as clean as possible at all times
  • Clean your kitchen and wash all dishes before going to sleep, making sure that no food debris is left out
  • Keep your garbage, recycling and compost sealed at all times
  • Store all of your food in airtight containers
  • Don’t leave old newspapers, magazines and books out, especially if they are damp
  • Fix leaky pipes right away and try to eliminate moisture in your home
  • Block any potential entrances using caulking, which seals small holes in your home

The most obvious sign that cockroaches have invaded your home is to see a live cockroach lurking around, most likely at night time. If, however, you don’t spot a cockroach but see pepper like droppings around your kitchen, see tiny black smears around small cracks or notice tiny egg casings that are empty, these are all indicators that cockroaches are living in your home.

There are many products and methods available that claim to get rid cockroaches in a few simple steps. Unfortunately these are not 100% effective and in most cases people see cockroaches return very quickly.

The reality is that these products and methods, if not applied by a professional, will leave some of the cockroaches alive allowing them to quickly reproduce and become a problem once again. To get rid of cockroaches for good, give Pestend Pest Control Mississauga a call so one of our highly experienced cockroach exterminators can apply a treatment that will get rid of all cockroaches from your Mississauga home or work and help prevent any future cockroach infestations. We have industry leading products, tools and equipment that help us provide superior cockroach extermination services at the lowest prices available in Mississauga.

Wasp & Bee Control Mississauga

Wasps will usually leave you alone if you do not pose a threat to them. If, however, they sense that they or their nest is in danger, wasps will become aggressive and sting you. Unlike honeybees that die when they sting, wasps can sting you multiple times and will not die.

For most people, getting stung by a wasp will be painful but it will not be life threatening. A wasp sting can, however, become life threatening if you are stung many times or if you are allergic to wasp stings.

There are two primary factors that wasps are attracted to on residential properties:

  1. Ample food supply nearby – wasps diet consists of insects, foods high in sugar and protein rich foods. All of these can be found around most residential properties.
  2. Ideal nesting spots – wasps like to build their nests in areas that are protected from wind, rain and direct sunlight. This makes the overhang of a roof, inside a vent or inside a tool shed ideal locations to build their wasp nest.

Since their diet consists of insects, wasps are like a form of natural pest control. They kill a lot of insects that are considered to be garden pests, allowing plants that would otherwise be destroyed by these pests to thrive. Therefore, if you notice a wasp nest near your property, but far enough to not cause any harm, it may be a wise idea to just let it be, and your garden may even benefit from it.

Having a lot of wasps around your property is a clear indicator that there is a wasp nest nearby. If you notice wasps entering and exiting areas under the overhang of your roof or any small openings in your home, there is a high chance that they have built a nest on your property. In this scenario it is best to call Pestend Pest Control Mississauga at your earliest convenience and we will safely remove it.

To locate a wasp nest you have to examine their flight path. When wasps are heading back to their hive they fly in a much more straight and direct line than when searching for food. If you see a wasp flying in a straight line you should be able to follow it to the nest. Often times wasps build their nests behind walls and in attics, so if you see the wasp that you are following go through a small hole in your home chances are the nest is hidden behind that wall. Our wasp nest removal experts have protective gear and remain safe when removing wasps and their nests so we advise you to be careful around wasps to not get stung and call us for professional help.

It is almost impossible to prevent wasps from building a nest on your property, but you can definitely deter them from doing so. The best way to do this is to remove all of the things that draw them to your property in the first place such as:

  • Removing fruit that falls from any fruit trees on your property
  • Cleaning up immediately after eating outdoors
  • Keeping your garbage, recycling and compost sealed airtight and, if possible, keep it indoors until garbage day
  • Sealing any small openings into your home, especially near eavestroughs/gutters and your roof

Wasps will become aggressive when their hive is in danger making it very dangerous to remove their nests unless you have the proper tools, equipment and knowledge to do so safely. With this in mind we highly discourage people from trying to remove a wasp nest on their own and recommend that they call a wasp nest removal expert from Pestend Pest Control Mississauga.

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