Beneficial Pests

With pests like bed bugs, mice, ants and cockroaches infesting Mississauga homes and businesses on a regular basis, pest control in Mississauga is a common necessity for homeowners and business owners. Sometimes you can do certain tasks around the home to solve the problem yourself but often times, when the infestation is too large or the pest you are dealing with is difficult to battle, you should seek the help of a professional pest control company like Pestend Pest Control Mississauga.


Even though most insects or unwanted living beings entering your home are considered pests, some of them can actually provide more benefit than harm to your home and the environment around us. Some of the benefits that we receive from insects we usually regard as pests include killing other less wanted pests, eating decaying organic matter and, probably the most important of all, pollination.

This article will discuss some common pests in Mississauga that can actually provide us with more benefit than harm. We will explore why they are regarded as pests in the first place and discover how much benefit they can actually provide us.


The most common type of wasp found in Mississauga is the yellow jacket. This wasp species is known to have a powerful sting, however, they will only sting someone out of self defence when they feel their life or their nest is being threatened. For this reason it can be dangerous to have a wasp nest on your property, in an area with lots of traffic, as they can get aggressive when you walk near the nest.


In this case, it is probably a good idea to call a wasp nest removal company in Mississauga to safely remove the nest from your home. If you do, however, find a wasp nest somewhere on your property away from common human activity you can receive many benefits from having them around.

How are wasps beneficial?

Although they have powerful stings, wasps are actually one of the most beneficial insect pests to have near your garden. Two huge benefits that wasps provide to any garden are:

  1. Natural pest control – if you are having trouble with garden pests and can’t figure out a way to safely and naturally get rid of them, the answer may already be in your yard. Wasps are predators of many garden pests such as caterpillars and grubs who are known to destroy many healthy crops. Some farmers actually import wasps to use them as a natural form of pest control.
  2. Pollination – although not as effective as bees, wasps help pollinate plants in the late summer when their diet is mainly comprised of sweet flower nectars. This is extremely important to the survival of plants for the following season.

Honey Bees

Bee’s, similar to wasps, are known to deliver powerful stings when threatened. Unlike wasps, however, bees can only sting you once because when they deliver a sting their abdomen is released from their body causing them to die. For this reason, a bee will only sting you as a last resort if they feel in extreme danger or that you are threatening their hive.

bee pollinating

These stings, even though they can be quite painful, fades quickly and is not very dangerous unless you are allergic to the sting or receive a large quantity of stings at once. Considering the low risk factor of being in danger from a bee sting and the huge benefit we receive from these insects, bees should only be exterminated in extreme cases like having a bee hive inside your home.

How are bees beneficial?

Probably the most beneficial insects to the natural environment, bees are a very important insect to the survival of mankind and should not be regarded as pests. Here are two reasons why everyone should admire honey bees:

  1. Pollination experts – while bees are collecting nectar to bring back to their hive, pollen from these same plants that they are getting nectar from sticks onto their hair bodys. This pollen is then spread over many other plants as the bee flies back to the hive allowing the plant species to reproduce and spread. Without this pollination process we would lose around ⅓ of the crops that we grow which would would be awful for people all around the world.
  2. Producers of honey – aside from being a major factor in the survival of our species on this planet, bees also produce one of the most delicious and nutritious treats out there. The nectar they take from plants is consumed by bees and turned into delicious honey that we all love.

House Centipede

House centipedes can be quite freaky to find crawling around your home. They are long and skinny with 15 pairs of legs, allowing them to escape quickly when in danger. They mainly sneak around at night so it is rare that you will run into them, however, if you do chances are you will get spooked out.

house centipede

Although centipedes are known to bite, the reality is that most of the centipedes in Canada do not have powerful venoms associated with their bites, making them quite harmless creatures. In fact, they can actually help you in your home more than they can cause danger.

How are centipedes beneficial?

Centipedes want to avoid you even more than you want to stay away from them. They mainly crawl around dark areas of your home staying hidden so they can hunt their favourite type of food, other pests in your home. Sure they are hideous, but if you get over this minor detail they can actually help you with your pest control efforts in your home.

Centipedes are on the higher end of the food chain in the insect world, taking care of other pests that may be infesting your home such as moths, spiders and cockroaches. If you see them in your home, they are most likely there because they are hunting for other insects in your home. Best to let them do their job saving you from doing it in the long run.