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    Our certified bed bug exterminators in Mississauga are guaranteed to exterminate all bed bugs from your location, otherwise we will refund all your money. On top of this we offer the lowest price guarantee to ensure that all our customers are getting the lowest bed bug extermination prices in Mississauga.

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    Bed Bug Heat Treatment Mississauga

    • Quickest and most effective bed bug extermination treatment
    • 100% guaranteed to exterminate all bed bugs in one visit
    • Completely safe and chemical-free bed bug extermination

    Bed Bug Heat Treatment MississaugaBed Bug Heat Treatment Mississauga

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    It’s what we do, and we are the best!

    All our bed bug exterminators are highly experienced, undergo continuous training, are certified, insured, bonded and licensed in Ontario. On top of this we are also licensed by the Ministry of Environment and are active members of major Pest associations including CPMA, NPMA, and SPMAO.

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    K9 Bed Bug Detection Unit

    • Our dogs are trained to detect bed bug infestations quickly.
    • Members of (NPMA), (CPMA-ACGP) and (SPMAO)
    • Our K9’s detect bed bugs and many other pests.

100% Guaranteed Bed Bug Control

pest control mississauga guarantee

We come to your location (home, workspace, office, cabin, or any other) and treat it for bed bugs. If the issue isn’t resolved, we will come again and re-treat (no extra charge). Depending on the bed bug extermination plan and guarantee period, we will give you a full refund, should the bed bug infestation not be completely eliminated within that time. Simply put, we get rid of your bed bugs, or we don’t get paid.

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Lowest Pest control prices in Mississauga
100% Money Back guarantee

Bed Bug Exterminator

1-Stop Bed Bug Management Company

Pestend Mississauga is a complete bed bug management service provider offering our clients guaranteed bed bug treatment options to meet their individual needs. Whether you have 1 room infested with bed bugs, one house or an entire floor or apartment building; we have the ideal bed bug treatment options for you. From k-9 bed bug detection, which ensures that your location does in fact have a bed bug infestation, to a variety of proven bed bug treatment options including: insecticide bed bug treatment, green-steam bed bug treatment, and bed bug heat treatment Mississauga, we are here to solve your bed bug problem once and for all.

4 Reasons to Choose Pestend Mississauga

Besides our foursquare 100% money-back guarantee, we also:

  1. You get your money’s worth, and if you are not 100% satisfied with our bed bug treatment, we give you all your money back and that’s a guarantee.
  2. We provide you with a second guarantee, that of the lowest price. We challenge you to get out there and do your research. If you find a bed bug exterminator in Mississauga with lower prices than ours, for a comparable service we will match that price.
  3. We use the most eco-friendly products available (registered with the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario) to get rid of bed bugs. That way, we protect your property and health, as well as the health of those you love, live or work with, and care for the environment at the same time.
  4. Pestend Mississauga comprises of fully-licensed, highly trained professionals that have been dealing with bed bug infestations for more than a decade with utmost success.

Our Bed Bug Treatment

Mississauga Bed bug treatment

Our bed bug treatment options are environmentally safe. Indicatively, our Heat Treatment kills bed bugs in a single treatment with the use of heat and is a much preferred option for hospitals and schools where the use of chemicals is not allowed. Also, our Green-Steam bed bug extermination treatment uses a proven effective combination of steam and eco-friendly products that leave your area free from any bed bug-related worries., and it is guaranteed as well. However, we also implement registered & approved by Health Canada insecticides to exterminate bed bugs, which are 100% safe for humans and pets. This is our most popular bed bug extermination option, because it is the most cost-effective solution to your bed bug infestation problem in Mississauga, and is guaranteed to exterminate all bed bugs in your home or work.

Given our extraordinary success rates, compared to other bed bug extermination services providers across Mississauga, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee AND the lowest price guarantee to prove our certainty regarding the effectiveness of our treatments.

Discreet Bed Bug Extermination Services

Unmarked bed bug extermination trucks Mississauga

Having bed bugs in your home, office, hotel, or any other facility can be an embarrassing situation for most people. For that reason, we offer unmarked trucks so that you won’t see our brand logo or anything else that reveals who we are and what we are doing on your property. The same applies to our bed bug exterminators, who have received extra training to work in full discretion so that you feel at ease when they are doing their job at your premises. At Pestend Mississauga, our only concern is YOU and for that we will make sure we keep you 100% satisfied on all aspects.

Our Mississauga Bed Bug Inspection Service

bed bug inspection in Mississauga

To know for sure whether you are infested with bed bugs and not other insects that have similar bites as bed bugs, such as dust mites, fleas, cockroach nymphs, carpet beetles and ticks, among others, our Bed Bug Exterminators in Mississauga will come to your home or business, and with the help of our bed bug inspection K-9’s, they will confirm that you have a bed bug-related issue with 99.8% accuracy.

Bed Bug Detection with the Help of K-9’s

k9 bed bug inspection Mississauga

Detection K-9’s have worked with humans for many centuries, using their noses to help track down humans, prey, narcotics, explosives, or, in our case, bed bugs! With accuracy that reaches almost 100%, our K-9 bed bug detection team works fast and efficiently to spot bed bugs and their eggs and disclose their hiding places. They are also specially trained to discriminate between viable bed bug eggs and live bed bugs from dead ones, cast skins, etc. K-9’s are a valuable addition to our workforce that help our professional bed bug exterminators in Mississauga find the most difficult locations of bed bugs within a few seconds so that our pros can proceed with the treatment immediately. No matter where they hide, our canine pros will find them, and we will exterminate every last one of them.


Customer Reviews

Knowledgeable and Courteous

Our sales & service representative, Tony Azfar was knowledgeable and courteous. He was on-time and answered all my questions. We utilized this service in January and were happy with the immediate results but due to the unusual cold weather we noticed our problem started to find a warm place to camp out. Fortunately, our initial service came with a 6-month warranty. We called and had Tony come back. Again, he arrived within 24 hours and dealt with our issue. If you call Pestend, ask for Tony to be your critter catcher.

by Alishea M. from Mississauga On -  18 April 2018

Very Good Service

Super quick response to pest issues at home. Very good service, quick to site to resolve the issue, very friendly and professional.

by Anonymous from Mississauga On -  18 April 2018

Great Technician

It was great very professional Moe is great technician very recommended get rid of problem at third week.

by Ruba from Mississauga On -  08 March 2018

How to Kill Bed Bugs?

According to the NPMA’s 2011 Bed Bugs in America Survey, one in five Americans has a bed bug infestation problem. Considering that bed bugs can survive from almost freezing temperatures to environments with 50 degrees Celsius, it is extremely difficult to get rid of, unless you hire a licensed professional pest control operator like Pestend Mississauga, who has the proper tools to control and eliminate bed bugs.

Using pest control products and pesticides on your own may cause serious damage to your health and property. The same applies to ozone generators that Health Canada warns NOT to use as they cause respiratory problems and are not safe devices. Of course, you can undergo extremely thorough vacuuming, bed bug heat treatment (steaming), and other physical control methods, but that doesn’t guarantee to solve your bed bug problem, because bed bugs hitch-hike and can be practically everywhere. Many times people will try to get rid of bed bugs by themselves only to find out that their attempt was unsuccessful. This usually causes bed bugs to spread into other areas that were not initially infected and makes getting rid of them more difficult and more expensive. This is why it is strongly advised by professional bed bug exterminators and the government of Ontario to always consult an experienced bed bug exterminator if you notice a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are resilient, quickly reproduce, and are one of the hardest pests to get rid of. It takes the sharp eye of a professional, extensive experience and expensive equipment and tools to effectively exterminate all bed bugs from your home or work. The best way to guarantee that all bed bugs are removed from your property is to call us and we will do just that, or your money back.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Over the years we have taken some interesting photos of bed bugs and we would like to share them with you below. Please click on each of the thumbnails to see a larger image. These photos should help you identify bed bugs, clues and their hiding places.