100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Pestend Pest Control Mississauga guarantees to completely eliminate any residential or commercial pest infestations for all our clients in Mississauga.

No Pesticides or Harmful Chemicals

Eco Friendly Pest Control Mississauga

Pestend Pest Control Mississauga is an eco-friendly pest extermination service provider fully licensed by the ministry of environment in Ontario, Canada.

Guaranteed Best Price

Low Price Guarantee

Our 100% guaranteed pest control prices
are set lower than our competitors, ensuring
you get the lowest rates for quality pest
control in Mississauga.

Complete Pest Control Management in Mississauga?

Our Mississauga pest control services are guaranteed to solve your commercial and residential pest problems or we will refund all your money! On top of our 100% Money Back Guarantee, we offer the lowest prices for guaranteed pest control in Mississauga. Our mission is to provide all our customers with 100% guaranteed pest elimination services in Mississauga at lower prices than our competitors. We employ safe and eco-friendly pest extermination and wildlife control methods which are approved by Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change of Ontario, ensuring you and your family are safe as well as our environment. Call Pestend Pest Control Mississauga today and we will help you get control of your property again, by getting rid of all the unwanted:
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mice
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Bees/Wasps
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Snakes
  • Opossums
  • Flies
  • Moths
  • Earwigs
  • Beetles
  • and all pests

8 Reasons to Choose Pestend Pest Control Mississauga

  1. We employ experienced pest control technicians that are licensed, bonded, and accredited professionals.
  2. We are committed to Complete Client Satisfaction by offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We are 100% certain that we will solve all your pest problems!
  3. We will beat any competitors price by 10% for comparable pest and wildlife control services.
  4. We employ humane wildlife removal procedures ensuring all wildlife is removed safely and released into the wild without harm.
  5. We offer emergency pest control services to residents of Mississauga available 24/7/365.
  6. We respect your privacy, by offering our “unmarked trucks”, to ensure totally discrete pest control service.
  7. Our K9 bed bug dog inspection unit is able to detect bed bugs and other pests very quickly with 98% accuracy, allowing us to diagnose the severity of the infestation immediately.
  8. We offer hassle free bed bug heat treatment services, which do not require you to remove or dispose of any of your belongings such as clothing and furniture.

Pestend Pest Control Mississauga guarantees complete elimination of all unwanted pests from your property or we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. We are able to offer this industry-leading guarantee thanks to our superior methods for eliminating all pests and wildlife found in Mississauga. Not only are our pest control methods 100% effective, but they are also safe and approved by The Ministry Of Health of Ontario.


No Pesticides or Harmful Chemicals

Eco Friendly Pest Control Mississauga

Pestend Mississauga is an eco-friendly pest control company fully licensed by the ministry of environment. To protect the environment Pestend Pest Control Mississauga does not use unnecessary pesticides. Our exterminators & pest control Mississauga professionals make sure they use pesticides safely & only when necessary to leave the minimum impact on our environment but maximum impact on pest extermination in Mississauga.

Bed Bug Exterminator Mississauga

Bed Bug Exterminator Mississauga

Bed bugs are our specialty and we offer two bed bug elimination options: Bed Bug Heat Treatment and Chemical Bed Bug Treatment. Both options are backed by our 100% Money back Guarantee and both services are approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change of Ontario ensuring no harm is caused to people, pets or the environment.

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment offers the most hassle-free bed bug treatment in Canada, which eliminates all bed bugs and their eggs in one visit, without the requirement of removing all your clothing, furniture and other belongings, which is required with our chemical bed bug treatments.

We offer to beat any competitors comparable advertised Bed Bug Heat Treatment price by 10%, and we guarantee to exterminate all bed bugs in just one visit!

If our bed bug heat treatment service is not in your price range, we offer a more affordable, conventional bed bug chemical treatment, which is the most affordable bed bug heat treatment available. Our chemical bed bug treatment exterminates bed bugs with the use of chemicals approved by Health Canada, ensuring safety for humans, pets and the environment.

Rodent Control Mississauga

Rodent Control Mississauga

To be able to effectively remove the mice from your property, we will first identify all possible entry points, so that we can apply a complete pest control treatment that will eliminate the current problem and prevent it from re-occurring in the future. We then identify the species of rodent that is intruding your property, because if we are dealing with rats, we will have to use a different process, than if we are dealing with mice. In the end, we will make your property less attractive to rodents by sealing any entry points and preventing them from entering your commercial or residential property. Our 100% money-back rodent elimination guarantee ensures that we will completely get rid of all mice and rats from your premise, or we don’t get paid.

Ant Control Mississauga

Ant Control Mississauga

If left untreated, an ant infestation can progress very quickly and cause costly property damage. The most notorious ants in Canada are carpenter ants, thief ants, black ants, and pharaoh ants, as they invade houses, gardens, pathways, and lawns, attracted by sugary and greasy foods, causing structural damage to residences and destroying wood to make nests.

Due to the numerous species of ants each requiring a different extermination technique, it is not easy to get rid of them at all. Our ant control team consists of experienced exterminators who use advanced techniques that target the entire ant colony, for long-lasting results. Our work is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that we will completely eliminate any type of ant infestation you may have.

Cockroach Control Mississauga

Cockroach Control Mississauga

Cockroaches are among the most disgusting and disease-transmitting insects that nobody wants to be around, especially if you have children. Of the four cockroach species troubling residents of Mississauga, the German cockroach is the species most found in bathrooms and kitchens. To get them out of the residential or commercial property once and for all, you will need to use a combination of spraying and baiting, which is not easy if you are inexperienced and under-equipped. This is why we are here… Our cockroach extermination team knows exactly how to eliminate your cockroach problem once and for all or your money back. Call us today to book a consultation.

Bee Wasp Nest Removal Toronto

Bee & Wasp Nest Removal Mississauga

The control of stinging insects, such as bees and wasps, has been our specialty for over a decade. Our Wasp Control Mississauga experts service commercial and residential customers and provide bee and wasp nest removal services anywhere in Mississauga. Our 100% money-back guarantee protects our customers by ensuring that you and your property is free from any bees and wasps as well as their nests.

Complete Pest Control Management

Complete Pest Control Management

Pestend Pest Control Mississauga is a complete pest control management company in Mississauga, here to restore the balance between humans and pests using the most up-to-date techniques, equipment and products at most affordable prices. Our guaranteed results ensure your property is left clean of all pests. Whether you have a problem with bed bugs, wasps, bees, ants, mice, rats, hornets, moths, earwigs, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, weevils, fleas, ticks, mites, cockroaches, spiders, flies, sow bugs, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, stink bugs or any other pests, we are here to solve your pest problems once and for all. Call us today to book a consultation and to schedule your guaranteed pest removal.


Lowest Prices in Mississauga | Guaranteed Mississauga Pest Control

Quote Girl

Moe came in to help us with our mice issues - he was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. He showed us where they were getting in and then addressed the issue. We have been mice free since then. Happy customer.

13 January 2021

Jason was very professional and polite. I would recommend him for any pest end services . Thanks Jason !

Sue Stevenson
28 December 2020

I spotted mouse in my house and from Pestend ,Mo was very knowledge and experienced in treating the problem. He easily identified the entry points and suggested the right solution. Moreover he was really very patient to answer all my questions.

16 December 2020

Professional technician - misleading quote Gill, the technician was courteous and informative and did a thorough job of inspection and deploying bait to address a mice problem. He made up for the misleading information provided by G who booked my appointment. I had explained to her that the problem was mice activity in my attic. She quoted me $70 for inspection and $250 for treatment - which included the $70.00 inspection fee. When Gill got to my home, he said there was an extra $50 for treating the attic - even though that was the reason for requesting service. Needless to say, I was extremely unhappy with that. I called the office and spoke to G again who told me that she had quoted me a base fee of $252.00 ($2 dollars more than the $250.00 I recall) - and treating the attic was extra. I don’t recall mention of a base fee. I find it unfathomable why G would not include attic treatment in the quote. She even said that the price she quoted me was inclusive of the $10% discount mentioned on the website. Make sure you get a quote for the work involved - afterall pest control should only have a few variables. However, Gill agreed to treat the attic for the price of $252.00 + tax. I commend Gill for his professionalism – for completing the job at the quoted price.

Mani Gopalan
16 November 2020

Knowledgeable and helpful

I highly recommend this company. Sajeel, especially, is very knowledgeable and helpful, he is calm and listened patiently to my concerns. He came today to attend to my wasp problem on my property. He was very professional and informative. He calmly inspected my house inside and outside. He gave me suggestions and he was not pushy at all. He answered all my questions, told me about his past experiences and put my mind at ease. He treated the point of entry of the wasps and made recommendations. I would strongly recommend him to you – very professional and customer oriented. Thank YOU again.

21 October 2020

Pest Updates

Pestend Pest Control Mississauga keeps our visitors up to date with current pest news in Mississauga and around the globe. Whether you are a pest enthusiast, or if you are looking for more info about a pest problem you are experiencing, check out our up-to-date news below!
Nov 2020
Native forests seem to have come under the threat of an exotic green beetle called the emerald ash borer. Believed to have entered the US and Canada through wood transported from Asia, this invasive species has destroyed several million ash trees in 35 US states and five Canadian provinces. Not only has this damaged the forest ecosystem, but it has also negatively impacted businesses and property owners relying on forest products. Besides the emerald ash borer, other pests destroying the nation’s forest ecosystems include elm bark beetles, long-horned beetles, spotted lanternflies, oak bark beetles, pine shoot beetles, and more. Even the Asian gypsy moth poses a threat to the nation’s coastal forests. Some factors driving such infestations are a higher number of imports as well as a rise in temperature due to climate change. Protect your loved ones from pests by getting in touch with the professional exterminators from Pestend Mississauga today!
Oct 2020
Residents of Sicamous are burdened with one of the last problems anyone would want to have – a rodent problem. The huge number of rat complaints pouring in from residents has even prompted the district to look into options for controlling rodents. According to Paige Ounce, a resident who has lived in the area for seven years, the rodents first started appearing last winter, and since then, they have been finding them everywhere. Ounce also said that apart from catching three or four mice and rats in live traps in a single night, they keep finding dead and sick rodents throughout their property. Are you and your family facing the same rodent and pest problems? Are you worried about your safety and that of your property? Then call professional exterminators from Pestend Mississauga today!
Aug 2020
In yet another side-effect of the COVID-19 lockdown, vacated offices across Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the U.S are seeing an exponential rise in rodent infestation. Now that these office spaces have been empty for months, it appears the rodents have made themselves comfortable in all corners. After months of offices being closed, few workers have returned and are greeted by evidence of rats and mice in their workspace. It’s not just evidence that they are likely to see, pest control experts are saying that workers may even see rats and mice crawling around in their offices. As people all over the world slowly start going back to their offices, it is likely that they may find rodent infestations under their desks, inside cupboards, and so on. To ensure your office is rodent-free, call Pestend Mississauga today for trained and professional pest exterminators!

Pestend Pest Control Mississauga

Our fleet of state-of-the-art pest control and wildlife removal trucks enable us to service Mississauga the same day you call us. If you have a pest or wildlife issue and would like to receive our low price quote, please click on the map marker to view our contact details or to fill out our quick and easy online quote form.